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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  May 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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than playing all about the bens with top prizes of a hundred grand? winning, ...on the spot. play all about the bens from the pennsylvania lottery, and you could win.... ...on the spot. keep on scratchin' "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. free good afternoon. rick will be along at 5:00.
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dozens of philadelphia's men and women in blue receive honors for going above and beyond the call of duty. and a letter detailing christopher columbus's voyage returns home to italy. the teenage victim was shot several times on lebanon avenue. and then came the flames. annie mccormick joins us with more on the ongoing investigation. >> reporter: that is right this all happened in the block behind me. the 19-year-old victim is in critical condition at penn presbyterian hospital. doctors did perform surgery on him and at this point investigators are trying to piece together what happened. it appears that the victim and shooter knew each other other and were arguing before the shots rang out. police responded to this block of lebanon street and found a
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19-year-old man shot several times and his front porch on fire. >> i heard pop pop pop, and then it was quiet and then we heard sirens. i came down to see what was going on and the porch was lit up. >> the crime scene unit and southeast detectives came to the scene to find shell casings on the porch. >> it appears there was some sort of glass container that had some sort of accelerant of some type, gasoline or flammable liquid according to the fire marshall. >> it appears that the 19-year-old tried to block the gun fire by running inside of the house. >> the shooter fires three shots and all three shots ran through the front door and after going through the front door, all three shots struck the victim in
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the chest and torso. >> reporter: and police say that they have several leads on the identity of the shooter, they are pursuing those at this hour and there are several other people at the home at the time of the shooting, but we are told they were not injured. reporting live in winfield, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> a man is in critical condition after being shot camden overnight. to pierce avenue near 36th street. the victim was rushed to the hospital by officers that responded to the scene and investigators are trying to figure out a motive and track down suspects. to accuweather now, we are in the midst of another cloudy and cool day not feeling at all like the middle of may. sky 6 hd taking a look at the commodore barry bridge. the clouds are trying to make way for sun? maybe? maybe? any rain you saw this morning is starting to move out.
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david murphy has more from the big board. >> reporter: during the morning rush hour we had showers over berks and lancaster county, but as they moved east they were falling apart. out to the west, storm tracker is showing us additional showers. as these try to move east they tend to try to form holes, the problem is they are move ago way from an upper level of support that helps this rain congeal and stay together in one patch and as this moves east it will continue to try to fall apart. we'll allow for a spotty pop up shower but most of this will probably have trouble making it toward philadelphia. clouds are starting to thin out a bit at least temporarily. thick clouds in south jersey and delaware and parts of southeastern pennsylvania, you start to see the ground show through, definitely temporary improvement and i think there is
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a possibility we cloud up more over the next several hours with stuff coming at us from the west. as you see the breaks in the clouds it's helping with temperatures, we are now busting into the low 60s in philadelphia. 63, and 64 in allentown and 64 in millville as well. we expect to add 4 or 5 degrees for the high. looking at a high of 67 degrees. mostly cloudy skies but the sunshine is trying to poke through every now and then. the regular high of 74 we'll be closer to that tomorrow afternoon and above that on friday. better times are ahead. >> it's about time. thank you. stay with, for the changes in the outlook, we have live double scan live radar. turning now to the race for the white house, the democratic presidential candidates almost evenly divided the delegates
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available in yesterday's primaries. hillary clinton has declared herself a winner in the state of kentucky. she maintains an insurmountable lead with delegates and bernie sanders says he will stay in the race until the last vote is cast. presumptive republican nominee donald trump won oregon's primary, that put him 77 delegates away from clutching the nomination. this morning he is scheduled to meet with former secretary of state, henry kissinger, after he said he would be open to talks with south korea. they have no ties because of their human right as abuse records and nuclear ambitions. a u.s. nuclear branch is confirmed by the u.s. senate. the army secretary was held up since september, due to opposition from pat roberts.
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the kansas senator changed his mind after been given assurances that guantanamo prisoners would not be transferred to facilities in the u.s. he also worked as defense secretary ash carter's transition team. from our new jersey newsroom, atlantic city council is expected to vote today on whether to allow alcohol on the boardwalk. anyone over 21 would be able to walk around with an open container purchased from a business on or near the boardwalk. if approved the city would hold a trial period over the summer, this is meant to encourage foot traffic and shopping in the cash strapped city. some of philadelphia's finest are singled out today for their service. the police department held a commendation ceremony and officials honored officers for their bravery and her oh
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>> it's ab an honor to serve and everyone in t every day we go out and try to do the right thing. katherine scott will have more on the ceremony coming up in our next half hour. the sixers won the first overall pick in the nba draft, that leaves them with a big decision who to take at number one. the celebration continues now after getting the word that sixers will be the first pick in the draft. the action cam is live here at the philadelphia museum of art. the big jersey stretching across the steps and there is an a drone. and they have the sixer's flight squad taking part in a dunk zone. we'll have more on what the top pick means for the sixers and who they may select coming up on "action news" at 4:00. >> coming at "action news" at
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noon, one of the hundreds of girls kidnapped by boko haram in nigeria is found alive. and. a piece of history, the historic journey back to italy.
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nigerian sorts found one of the school girls taken by boko haram almost two years ago. the girl was found wandering in the forest. her uncle says she is pregnant and traumatized. she is the first to be freed from the islamic extremists. at grand central station a fire underneath the tracks. flames and smoke from north of the station in the east harlem station. the blaze brought service to a screeching halt and left travelers stranding on the way home. two tracks were operational for this morning's rush.
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150,000 riders were affected by the delays. lift it up -- sir -- >> this dash-cam video captured the dramatic moments when state troopers and others ran to help a man after his suv caught fire, his arm was caught underneath when the suv landed on its side. the troopers and others lifted the van so he could get free. a man was bitten by a venomous snake at a lowes home inimprovement store. he was bitten while picking out flowers for his wife. he is in icu and being treated with an antidote. the snake was put into a bag for the doctors at the hop. >> we like to see the snake but i would prefer the people not to expose themselves to the snake
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unless they are sure it's dead. >> julie's husband has massive swelling and pain and is expected to be okay. >> a spokesperson from lots is trying tofic out how the snake made it on to the property. a letter detailing christopher columbus's journey to the colonies is back where it belongs, it's repatrioted to italy. it was stolen from florence and donated to the library of congress in 2004. the theft was not uncovered until years later. federal agents based in wilmington handled the investigation. philadelphia week continues on "wheel of fortune." tonight a philadelphia native will try to rack up big money. philadelphia firefighter racked up $15,000 and a trip to hawaii. friends helped to celebrate at a watch party in may fair last
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night. >> you can watch tonight's episode on "wheel of fortune" at 7:30 here on 6 abc. new at noon, new rules mean more money in the pockets of millions of americans. plus a new recall this noon, new details on what prompted a popular company to remove a granola bar from store shelves.
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new federal rules mean millions of american workers are now eligible for overtime pay.
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more than 4 million workers will now qualify including fast food and retail. many are managers that work long hours but up until now were not paid overtime. taco bell is going upscale. the restaurant chain is taking aim at the dinner time crowd. they are debuting four new design concepts creating the up scale experience. it includes sleek modern seating and exposed wooden beams and trendy lighting fixtured. quaker oats is pulling its quinoa granola bars with sun flower seeds, because of threats of listeria. chocolate nut medley, look for best before dates of 10-16-16.
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and 10-17-16. and it includes yogurt and fruit and nut medley. you should return these right away or contact the company. health check this noon. going to church could be a life saver, a new study from harvard university find that women that worship more than once a week have a 30% lower mortality rate and the women were 20% less likely to die of cardiovascular disease and 20% less likely to die of cancer and attending church regularly lowers stress and makes people feel more optimistic and helps some to find their soul mates. the "action news" team is working on stories for tonight at 4:00. >> we love that study out here today. coming up today at 4:00, we'll take you to a local library
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this is a dust cloud a s it made its way to phoenix, arizona, the blowing dust forced
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officials to close a stretch because of visibility. dust storms happen in the summer months, two dozen people lost power and storms later moved in and helped to clean away the dust. david is here with a check of the accuweather forecast. listen my umbrella is tired. can it get rest? finally. >> this morning we ended up catching a break in the northern and western suburbs, berks and lancaster counties we are really the only places that picked up the rain and now stormtracker 6 live double scan is not picking up precipitation out there. and the stuff to the west may fall apart before it gets here. as we look outside cloud cover through the morning. chopper 6 hd showing you that and now you see breaks in the clouds and a little sunshine here and there. and even though the clouds may thicken up a bit. we see a recovery in temperatures and it looks like the afternoon will largely
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remain dry. we are up 4 or 5 degrees in the last 45 minutes or so now that the clouds have thinned out. winds from the east at 12 miles per hour or so. and that will aid and abet the development of more cloud cover in the afternoon. temperatures treating us okay. 64 in millville and 62 in dover and 62 in trenton and 64 in allentown, and these are all below average of course. but better than where we were the last couple of days. future tracker 6 showing you between now and 3:00 and 4:00, and the possibility of cloud cover building back in. and 6:00, 6:30 there is a chance of breaks, i would not rule out sunny breaks later in the evening. we'll call it mostly cloudy overall and high of 66 and adding to the comfort is the fact that the winds are not strong running 6 to 12 miles per hour. a high of 60 at the shore and mainly dry across these points. and the same story in
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philadelphia with a high of 67 under mostly cloudy skies with sun occasionally mixing in and mainly dry conditions with the slight chance of a little shower coming in from the west. that is what i think you have got at the phillies game, that is the forecast we are giving you this morning. mostly cloudy and we have to allow for a spotty shower. 65 for the first pitch and 67 in the ninth inning and for the evening commute, clouds and sunny breaks. 67 by 4:00 and down to the mid-60s by 7:00. and then as we go into the overnight hours, it gets a little cool, 52 is the overfight low, a little below average, and wins are light 6 to 12 and then tomorrow things start to improve. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and high pressure is making its way east and a slight chance of a pop-up sprinkle or shower. and that is few and far between and the big news is the high temperature getting up to 74
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degrees on friday looks even better, 67 and mostly cloudy today and can't rule out a spotty shower and most of you stay dry is the rest of the way and there could be sunny breaks. milder and high of 74, and mostly sunny skies expected on friday, a nice afternoon with a high of 76 and nice evening for the union or going out on the town and saturday the next system pulls out from the midwest and cloudy skies result and rain is arriving in the morning and continuing off and on through the day. and models have it soaking at time. s and on the northern edge of this system nuisance rain and the high of just 65. things start to improve with a high of 68 and at times a shower particularly in the morning and you can't rule out a pop-up thunderstorm and a better day that be saturday and back in the low 70s on monday and tuesday with the possibility of more shower activity around.
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>> i still see that word on there. things are seriously, the end of the next week and memorial day they are at least looking warmer. they say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, that may be true for the girl that receives this record breaking jewel. it sold for $31 million it weighs 15.38 carats, the most expensive vivid fancy diamond. our nation's capital is named at the top of the list any city would wants to be on. we'll explain, and at 100 years old she breaks a running world record. next.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again rick is on assignment this afternoon. here are the stories we are following for you. a raging fire and explosions in new york city affecting rail travel for commuters and the delays continue. awards for excellence, valor and heroism philadelphia police officers are honored for their work. and here one families
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success story in one family's -- we are holding out hope we may see the sun sometime soon again. david murphy is outdoors on the terrace with the details from accuweather. >> reporter: when i walked out here we actually had some and now faded back behind the clouds, take a look at satellite. things are improving, this morning we had showers popping through allentown and back through lancaster and berks county. had a hard time pushing farther east and now the clouds are thinning out and we are in places getting patches of blue and some sun coming in and on the other side of harrisburg there are additional showers and clouds and some thicker clouds may make a run at us and maybe a spotty shower may come through. i heard an awful lot of you complaining this is more


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